An extensive service is provided for properties held for investment and development purposes. Peter Tew & Company manage retail, office, industrial and residential accommodation principally in the East Midlands. Our Management Department is responsible for the collection and payment of rent, the assessment and levying of service charges and the payment of the whole range of expenses necessary to maintain our Clients assets in first class condition. Management Statements and Accounts are produced to our Clients quarterly and we are responsible for the organisation and supervision or maintenance and repairs. The Department is manned by experienced staff and has the benefit of computer technology. Regular meetings are held with our Clients to ensure the smooth implementation of policy decisions and to keep them appraised of the ever-changing requirements, fashions and pressures generated within commercial and residential property fields. Our aim is to initiate and maintain good relations between Landlord and Tenant and to instill in both parties a sense of confidence that their respective interests are being cared for in a proper and professional manner.